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In my early twenties, my health rapidly started to decline. I suffered from IBS, chronic sinus infections, skin rashes, extreme fatigue, debilitating brain fog, depression, mood swings, chronic inflammation, mast cell activation, cystic acne, and amenorrhea to name a few of my many symptoms. I had completely lost my vitality for life and happiness. This was no way to live. I saw multiple specialists, had ultrasounds, colonoscopies, endoscopies, rounds of blood work and all of my results came back “normal”. Refusing to accept this as an answer, I moved on to see a few Naturopathic Doctors, Osteopaths and Acupuncturists. My health finally began to improve, but eventually I hit a plateau.


It wasn’t until I came across my teacher/mentor, Naturopath, Ayurvedic and Functional Medicine Practitioner Stephen Cabral. He wrote a book called, “The Rain Barrel Effect”. This book changed my life. It not only told me how I got sick, but gave me the answer to getting well and feeling alive again. I immediately enrolled in Dr. Cabral’s health coaching course The Integrative Health Practitioner. Through this course, I began to learn that the body can rebalance itself from a root causal level, when it is put in the position to heal.


As part of my education, I completed some Functional Medicine Lab Tests on myself. These lab tests revealed that I had severe mold toxicity, bacterial overgrowth, clogged liver detox pathways, depleted vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, copper toxicity, and in a stage of adrenal exhaustion. Long story short, I was an internal WRECK!


Using Dr. Cabral’s DESTRESS protocol, and supplement formulations to eradicate these toxins from my body, I have never felt better in my entire life! I am so passionate about all that I have learned, I now want to educate others and help them do the same.


“Begin to understand what your toxicities really are.”


I know there are many people out there silently suffering like I once was, with no answers, no where else to turn and no hope in recovery. I am here to tell you that there is hope, and that you can rebalance your body from a root causal level. When you remove toxicity from the body, and supplement the body’s deficiencies, the body will rebalance itself.



Dedicated to your health and wellness,

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